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The Vial of Life Lifesaving Kit

This simple Vial of Life kit has saved hundreds of thousands of lives. More than 2 million kits delivered and counting… Be smart and order your Vial of Life Today.


“The Vial of Life is designed to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. The vial contains important medical information that can assist emergency personnel in administering the proper medical treatment.”
-Alameda County Fire Department

Here's How it Works

Each Vial of Life kit consists of 2 Decals and 1 Medical Information form. We recommend storing the completed medical information form inside a clear sandwich baggie.

Fill it out

Answer questions about your health and medications on the medical information form.

Place on Refrigerator

Securely tape the form to the front of your refrigerator. (Recommended to store inside plastic baggie.)

Stick on the decals

Place one decal on your refrigerator and one decal on your front door at eye level.

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Vial of Life Form

Print The Vial of Life Medical Information Form to hand out with your decals! (Free Download)

Print Form

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Vial of Life decals are vinyl UV coated fade-resistant, self-adhesive stickers, that will stand up to most weather conditions. (Home printed decals will not stand up to weather conditions and will fade).

vial of life paper form

Vial of Life Medical Information Forms are full page, black and white prints.

Individual Vial of Life Kit – $5

(Kit includes 2 UV Coated Vial of Life Decals and 1 Medical Information Form)

Vial of Life – Decal Prices

50 Decals - $25

100 Decals - $50

200 Decals - $75

300 Decals - $100

400 Decals - $125

500 Decals - $150

1000 Decals - $250

2000 Decals - $375

Vial of Life – Form Prices

25 Forms - $15

50 Forms - $25

100 Forms -$35

150 Forms - $50

200 Forms - $65

250 Forms - $75

500 Forms - $125

1000 Forms - $150

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